3 minimalist watches (for under $50)

3 luxury watches for less than $50

3 luxury watches for under $50.00
For a few years now, I have seen these minimalist watches with large and elegant dials flourishing on the wrists of people who seek elegance and minimalism, both on women's and men's wrists!

Even today in the age of technology where we can see the time on our smartphone (on which we spend our day!), wearing a watch becomes a pleasure, and this little accessory is an indispensable style asset.

So I put together a selection of 3 brand name watches that can be bought for less than $50 that I would like to have in my collection!

1 - Lolla Silver Bicolor minimalist watch

An affordable and unisex watch (however in size 36mm, this watch is more dedicated for women) that can be worn for all occasions. Note the round design. Equipped with a quartz movement, this watch is splash and droplet proof, but is not intended to be immersed in water. Strong point, is the bracelet is stainless steel and easily adjustable in size.



2- Luxury watch Square Ocean

From the recent watch brand, William Thomi, a watch brand already tested in Verygoodlord. A good value for money for this type of minimalist watch. It has a very sleek, square, modern case with a stainless steel bracelet, just like the whole piece. In addition, it is assembled in Geneva!


3- Minimalist Chloé Monochrome Rose Gold Watch

This watch is also ideal for everyday use. With its 36mm width, this minimalist watch is the perfect size! Its original typographic bars give a good look to the pink dial, which is enhanced by 2 needles also in rose gold. A truly minimalist and elegant watch for every look. 


Learn about the brand's collection of women's minimalist William Thomi watches here.

Article created by: Zoé Mauer

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  • Obrigada por esse artigo, eu sempre adorei os relogios minimalistas, estou muito feliz em saber que possuimos marcas que fazem um exelente trabalho no Brasil.

    Nicole Piovani

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